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About us

DekoBETONAS is a company which produces architectural  products of concrete.
DekoBETONAS concentrated on the production of these products:
  • ·    Pots;
  • ·    Fireplaces;
  • ·    Sills;
  • ·    Stairs;
  • ·    Works of art from the concrete;
  • ·    Public interiors;
  • ·    The products according to individual orders. Custom orders.
The products are characterized by the magnificence, luxury, stylish and longevity. The products are very sturdy, resistant to use, moisture-resistant, non-toxic and non-fogging, with antibacterial properties, widely applied in the home or work, interior and exterior environment.
Stained, polished and architectural concrete with various pigments and fillers can change  the various surfaces of the stone. The concrete is a cast  material, so  DekoBETONAS can reproduce different surfaces and realize a non-standard vision.
The concrete has got recognition as a decoration material for a long time in the world. It used in the creation of interior or exterior trim, artwork, pots and other products. Here, the concrete is associated with tenderness, grace and elegance. Therefore, the company offers to choose concrete - in the interior or exterior, at home or in the office - it's a time-tested material.

DekoBETONAS produces high-quality, exclusive and luxury products, so the company's main clients - adults, educated people who love and appreciate the uniqueness of styles.