Pots, Planters

Modern concrete pots are very stylish, they will be used for various architectural decisions and will really decorate your home or business environment. If you are planning to plant a terrace or a balcony, contact with us because our concrete pots are twice as lightweight than other manufacturers and you will not have any  problems with pots weight.

DekoBETONAS produces special outside pots of concrete which the sides and the bottoms are insulated with a special insulation material. Therefore, our products are specially adapted for susceptible exotic and perennial plants and increase their ability to survive the harsh temperature swings. Also, our company  works with landscaping specialists  and provides of landscaping design. And if you lead the project yourself, we will offer you one of the combinations already premade and produced by us.

The concrete made products may vary in color from the concrete products that are visible in the photos.